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Debut of 84444.com Site: Do-It-Yourself Mobile Marketing

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Philadelphia — The advertiser-supported mobile marketing industry grossed $1.47 billion in North America in 2008, according to the Text Message Blog.  By 2011, the industry is anticipated to grow to $3.83 billion.

That anticipated growth is what inspired Advanced Telecom Services to spend the last six months developing a new do-it-yourself mobile marketing site called 84444.com.  The site is the 2.0 version of the site Advanced Telecom Services has been using the past several years called PromoTXT.

“The thing you are going to notice immediately about 84444 is that we thought of everything,” said Bob Bentz, director of marketing and sales for Advanced Telecom Services.  “We’ve taken an already successful text message marketing business and made it more user-friendly and with more features than we had previously.”

One of the unique features of 84444 is that users can build their own WAP site with the tools available in the online system.

“One of the true growth areas on the internet is making a web site mobile ready,” said Bentz.  “With 95 million Americans on the mobile web, business owners are going to want their web sites to be optimized for the smaller cell phone screen.  84444 does that for you.”

84444.com offers both interactive text messaging and broadcast bulk sms service.  Advertisers and media usually use interactive promotions via a short code to create an opt-in database, then send sms text messages to that database.

About Advanced Telecom Services

Advanced Telecom Services has been providing interactive telephone services since 1989.  Its impressive client list includes Johnson & Johnson, Subway, T-Mobile, and New York Times.  It has international offices in Calgary, London, Dublin, and Prague.


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