Mobile Barcode/QR Code Usage on the Rise

Mobile barcodes have become extremely popular in the mobile world.  They are more frequently referred to as QR codes.  QR stands for quick response.  The beginning of this practice dates back to the early 1990s in the Toyota factory.  Workers would scan barcodes to track products.

Now barcodes can be used in a multitude of ways.  Just the other day, I went to the movies.  I bought my ticket online beforehand and they sent a QR code to my phone that became my ticket.  Using QR codes as tickets is the wave of the future.  By sending a QR code ticket, you are not only participating in environmentally friendly actions, you are also assuring that the customer will not lose his/her ticket.  You can also use mobile barcodes as mobile coupons, sweepstakes, and contests.

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In addition to mobile barcodes, you should also include a text message element.  About 50% of Americans own a smartphone.  In order to reach out to those 50% that still use feature phones, you should always include a text message element that they can participate in without a smartphone or QR code reader.

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