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What Makes 84444.com the Best Mobile Marketing Site?

OK, I said it.
“There’s a lot of good mobile marketing sites out there.”
A lot of sites are quite good at delivering messages, but there are several reasons why 84444.com and Advanced Telecom Services may be your best choice for your mobile marketing supplier.
Here’s just a few:
1.     Experienced company – Mobile marketing is hot. There are a lot of new start up companies in the mobile marketing field. Many have had such a great story to tell that they have received venture capital financing from interested investors. Unfortunately, that means how well they execute over the short run could determine their future viability. One thing you don’t want to do in mobile marketing is start promoting a short code that may be defunct in the future. That means that any residual value to your advertising is kaput. Advanced Telecom Services has been in business since 1989. It is well diversified in terms of product line and market. It also has international offices. What that means for you is that if any one product doesn’t do as well as anticipated, there are others there to pick up the slack and ensure that the money you spend today on advertising will still be generating new business tomorrow.
2.     Easy to Use – We couldn’t always make the claim that our previous mobile marketing sites were easy to use, but now we get compliments all the time from those who have used competing systems. Try it out for yourself by starting a Free Trial Accountand you’ll see for yourself. You’ll be a pro in about 10 minutes.
3.     Support – We answer our phones. We read our emails. We respond. When you work with 84444.com, you won’t just have one person you can get in touch with. We’ll assign you an account executive, account manager, product manager, and technical support representative. There’s also a Live Help button in the upper right of the web site where you can chat online if you are having a problem or just need some advice.
4.     Value Pricing – There are several packages available on our web site under the Pricing page. But, it doesn’t end there. We are happy to customize your plan to fit the specific needs of your company.
5.     Memorable Short Code – An easy-to-remember short code is important to your success, especially if you are doing broadcast advertising where the short code is promoted and needs to be remembered by your prospect. Be sure to say the short code as follows: “8-44-44” to maximize its recall in broadcast promotions.
6.     Near 100% Carrier Coverage – 84444.com works with all of the major cell phone carriers in the United States. 84444.com supports all carriers that are involved in the short code program. All participating carriers are integrated into our system. No, it’s not 100% coverage, but we work with all carriers that do work with the short code system. And, we are constantly adding those who choose to begin working with short codes.
7.     Media Experience – We aren’t just a telecommunications and technology company. In fact, we consider ourselves to be more of a media company. All of our account executives have some background in the media so we can provide expertise in television, radio, newspaper, internet, outdoor advertising, and even public relations. Many of our team has over 20 years experience in media. Ultimately, its promotions that will drive the success of your mobile marketing program. Our media backgrounds will help ensure that your program is a success.
8.     Advanced Mobile Marketing Programs – Text messages are the pillar to any mobile marketing program, but it’s not the only aspect of mobile marketing that you may need to be using. We have successfully integrated API feeds from numerous customers that enables those customers to use their constantly changing information to provide consumer updates through the 84444.com system.
9.     Integrate Your Own Short Code – 84444.com was designed to not only support the 84444 short code, but also to be able to easily integrate a unique short code for major media partners and large companies that wish to utilize their own short code and pay the appropriate fees to US Short Codes for it.
10. Affiliate Program – 84444.com utilizes Share-A-Sale for its mobile marketing affiliate program. If you wish to promote our mobile marketing solution, we’ll provide you with banner ads, text link ads, videos, and other promotional tools to generate additional revenue to your company.
11. White Label Solution – If you wish to operate your own mobile marketing business, we are happy to simply be the back end technology behind the business. We offer both private label and white label sites that can enable you to be the brand behind the mobile marketing offering.
12. References – 84444.com has been used by such household brand names as Subway, Diet Coke, and Slurpee. Major media companies such as New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Clear Channel, Cumulus, and ABC Television have utilized our product. You are in good company when you use 84444.com.