Better Business Bureau Turns 100 Years Old


better business bureau Happy Birthday: The Better Business Bureau Turns 100 Years Old!

The year was 1912 and we hadn’t yet experienced a world war.  The majority of the roads in America were made of dirt.  You likely didn’t own an automobile, and if you did, it was a luxury to purchase gasoline for 7 cents per gallon.

If you’ve watched any old movies, you know that the early 1900’s were the days of the snake oil salesman.  Shoddy products and practices were commonplace.  There was virtually no protection for the consumer in terms of products or in advertising standards that made incredible claims to a less educated and more gullible public.

It was 100 years ago that the Associated Advertising Clubs of America, the forerunner to many of today’s advertising clubs, formed a National Vigilance Committee to focus on advertising standards.  The National Vigilance Committee soon became known as the national Better Business Bureau.

Today’s Better Business Bureau exists to help consumers find trustworthy businesses and to help them make informed buying decisions. Consumers in the 21st century certainly have more information available to them via the internet, but the BBB continues to carry the torch as a mediator to those consumers that have a problem with a business.

Over the past five years, the number of complaints registered at the BBB has increased by 78%.  Perhaps it has something to do with the struggling economy and perhaps consumers today are simply more empowered.

There is no doubt, however, that today’s customer values authenticity, honesty, integrity, and trust..  BBB Accredited Businesses like Advanced Telecom Services go a long way in providing the consumer with the confidence that it needs to do business with a company.

At Advanced Telecom Services, we are very proud of the rating that the BBB has bestowed upon us.  Check here for our current rating.