Eight Ways to Use Mobile Marketing

How To Use Mobile Marketing:

There are multiple ways that Mobile Marketing can be used to increase your business and your ROI. Here are just 8 examples:

1. Mobile Coupons

The fifth most popular use of mobile marketing, this is quite possibly the easiest way to bring customers through your door. Customers are sent a text message with a “coupon” in it. All they do is present it at the register and the discount is taken. At the register, it could also be possible to capture the customer’s email as well for future promotions.

2. Emergency Text Messaging

84% of Americans keep their cell phones turned on and with them 24 hours a day. Add to that fact, that 94% of all text messages are opened and read immediately and you have the perfect way to get in touch with people immediately. This is a paramount factor in alerting people of an emergency. In an emergency, there really is no other alternative.

3. Text to Win Sweepstakes

This is the most popular use of obtaining an opt-in database through mobile marketing. This is done by offering a text to win sweepstakes. If your offer is compelling, you will get entries. What you get in return is a valuable database to help sell more products and services.

4. Text Message Vote

Text message voting enables media to immediately gauge publlic opinion. An early evening newscast for example can get immediate response on a controversia issue that it displays on the broadcast. Telling viewers to tune in on the later news broadcast, creates an appointment viewing “must see” option for the audience.

5. Auto Dealers

Mobile marketing can be used to send interested customers additional information about a particular vehicle.
“Keywords” can be advertised either on the car directly in the lot, or in the Sunday paper. The customer gets “personal attentions” regarding that vehicle, and the dealer gets a database of people interested in buying a new car.

6. Nightclubs

Mobile marketing is the most immediate way to get in touch with your customers. Advertise a “keyword” for Happy Hour specials or send a text out when a star enters the club. These are two effective and inexpensive ways to keep your business in the minds of your customers.

7. Appointment Reminders

As any doctor or dentist or hair stylist knows, it can take several manhours each day to remind customers of their upcoming appointment. Enter mobile marketing. With the ease of sending an email, you can remind your customers inexpensively and instantly of their appointment date and time. Genius!

8. Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

Agents and Brokers can use mobile marketing to promote properties to perspective clients and to provide additional information that perspective buyers can request. Using a keyword posted on the property’s sale sign, customers send a text the keyword number and instantly get information back. Agents get a database, and customers are satisfied.

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