Most Popular Way To Reach The Shoppers : Mobile Coupons

iphone with barcode
IPhone with Mobile Coupon


The Most Popular Way to Reach Mobile Shoppers

Mobile coupons are the most popular way to reach shoppers now-a-days and the results are paying off. Almost 70% of the people agreed and signed up for mobile grocery store coupons.

The usage growth of smartphone technology and the recession period have created the perfect storm for thrifty consumers: mobile coupons on the same devices they carry with them everywhere anyways!

When it comes to mobile coupons for grocery stores, its women who have shown the most interest. Presently, 93% of women aged in between 16-54 say that they look for bargains in the form of coupons. Men say they are also interested on coupons but more likely on mobile 1 oil and other automotive needs. Look for even more growth in mobile coupons as the retail companies are continuously trying to fulfill the ever-growing demand of the consumers!

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