Female Smartphone Owners Send 802 Texts Per Month

Smartphone Ownership Translates to Increased Texting

If you thought that the text message juggernaut had leveled out, think again.  Mike Snider’s story in USA Todayshows a very different story.

women send 802 texts per month
Reading one of her 802 texts this month.

In 2009, just 18% of Americans owned a smartphone, but today that number has bolted to 44% that own a smartphone.  Younger Americans are even more likely to own smartphones:

  • 65% of 25-34’s own a smartphone.
  • 53% of 18-24’s own a smartphone.

Usage of text messaging continues to grow also.  Of mobile phone  users, 81% have sent or received a text message in the past 30 days; in 2009, that number was 75%.

When it comes to texting, women sent an average of 802 in the past 30 days versus just 604 for men.  The numbers from 2009 were 593 and 420.

And, here is Snider’s point as to why texting is replacing talking.

  • Women talked for 771 minutes in the past month; that’s down from 861 in 2009.
  • Men talked for 605 minutes in the past month; that’s down from 679 in 2009.

That should help alleviate some global warming.

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