84444 Gets 10 out of 10 for Text Site Service

Ranked 4th for Best Text Message Voting Service

live voting by text
84444 offers dedicated service during live voting contests.

Top Ten Reviews has named 84444.com as one of the Top Ten sites for text message voting programs, according to this article.

84444 was ranked as the fourth best site for text message voting according the article.  We are quite proud that we received a 10 out of 10 for service!  The site was certainly impressed by the fact that there are real human beings behind the site.  Live Text Chat is provided on both the US and Canadian sites.  And, it’s not just one Live Chat, but two–you can speak with either technical support or sales!

The area where 84444 did not fare as well was with poll features, but we’re not sure that Top Ten Reviews totally understood our system.  Top Ten Reviews stated that you can’t see your results in real time.  That’s not really true.  You can refresh the page at any time to see real time results.  And, if you don’t want to refresh, the site does it automatically for you every 15 seconds.

Nevertheless, we are very pleased to have been named one of the Top Ten text message voting sites in the country.  Thanks Top Ten Reviews!


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