Text Messaging Service for Business

At 84444, we provide a text message service for businesses. Our service provides businesses with a complete text messaging package that assists them with their traffic and revenue.

Text Message System for Business

Benefits Of Having A Text Message Service For Your Business:

Product Alerts

We offer excellent customer service and supply new product notifications easily and quickly with our text message marketing system.


If your business has a new product and you’re not sure how to advertise it, text message marketing is a great way to reach out and let customers know about what you have to offer them. With us, you will have a way for customers to “subscribe” to your texts and start receiving messages instantly just by utilizing our text message service! We are happy to provide a text message service for businesses to help with their advertising!  After all, that is our forte!

It’s Fast

Check out ways to live in the fast lane with our text message system because it’s rare people leave home without their cellphone.  In fact, it’s practically glued to their hands! Therefore, getting a text message service for your business will keep customers in the loop quickly!


If you have a special going on, remind your customers about it by implementing a text message service for your business. Don’t forget, you can also remind your customers about upcoming events with our text message service!

In order to grow, you should invest in our text message service! There are thousands of text messages sent every day and not nearly as many phone calls made. Text message marketing will also bring more traffic to your website, and with our text message system, you will have the ability to embed links in your text messages!

Check out our service today and start earning more money all by sending text messages!

We have a set system that provides a text message service for all businesses!

We supply text message marketing for small businesses, a text message service for other bigger businesses, as well as text messaging marketing services for practically anything you can think of!  Not to mention we have an SMS marketing platform!

Please feel free to reach out to us today for more information regarding any of our services.