Advanced Telecom Services Creates 84444 Text Message Marketing

Mobile Marketing Solution Debuts is a new do-it-yourself mobile marketing tool for advertisers and promoters. With, businesses can launch interactive and broadcast text message promotions with just a few clicks of a mouse. Philadelphia (PRWEB) February 6, 2009 — Advanced Telecom Services (ATS) announces the creation of its newest web site,–a do-it-yourself mobile marketing solution. Click here … Read More

Mobile Monday Philadelphia, PA

Representatives from nine Philadelphia-area technical companies were part of “Mobile Monday Pitch Night” held at The Franklin Institute on January 26, 2009. Please check out this article in the Philadelphia Business Journal, January 30 – February 5, 2009 Edition. Writer Peter Key interviews Bret Dunlap, CEO of Advanced Mobile Solutions — the mobile marketing company behind Site | Do It Yourself Mobile Marketing

Debut of Site: Do-It-Yourself Mobile Marketing Philadelphia — The advertiser-supported mobile marketing industry grossed $1.47 billion in North America in 2008, according to the Text Message Blog.  By 2011, the industry is anticipated to grow to $3.83 billion. That anticipated growth is what inspired Advanced Telecom Services to spend the last six months developing a new do-it-yourself mobile marketing site … Read More

New Mobile Marketing Site | Do It Yourself Mobile Marketing

ATS Launches Do It Yourself Mobile Marketing Program Philadelphia – Advanced Telecom Services (ATS) announces the creation of its newest web site,—a do-it-yourself mobile marketingsolution. The mobile marketing web site enables advertisers and media to launch interactive and broadcast text message campaigns from the convenience of their desktop computer. The new site is ATS’s version 2.0 of its interactive text … Read More

84444 Swag | Mobile Marketing Clothing | Mobile Marketing Clothes

84444: Mobile Marketing Clothing You’re on the move and so is your message.   Show your style with t-shirts and clothing from Now, you can get t-shirts, mugs, buttons, stickers, clocks, magnets, caps, and even thongs with the logo on it.  If pets are your thing, get your favorite pooch a dog bowl or even a doggie sweater so … Read More

Opt-In Database | Text Message Marketing | Opt-in Marketing

Interactive Advertising with Permission Based Marketing It’s a market estimated at $648 million in 2008 and anticipated to reach $3.3 billion by 2013. Mobile marketing is here and advertisers and advertising agencies are starting to catch on. Just like 800 numbers became an integral part of advertisements in the early 1990’s, a keyword and short code are becoming a regular … Read More

Short Codes | Mobile Marketing | Common Short Code

Short Codes are the Answer to Mobile Marketing In August 2008, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign made history when it announced Joe Biden as vice president via SMS (text) messaging. The Nielsen Company estimates that about 2.9 million mobile phone users in the U.S. received the Biden text message, therefore making it one of the largest mobile marketing stunts to date. The … Read More

Cell Phone Only Households | Houses with No Landline

Cell Phone Only Consumers in the United States Americans are cutting the cord! More and more Americans are cutting the cord of the once ubiquitous landline telephone line. “There’s simply no need for a house phone any more,” said David Stanton, of Norcross, Georgia.  “I’m not sure why anybody would want one.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and … Read More Announces New Affiliate Program Announces New Affiliate Program through Share A Sale, a new do-it-yourself mobile marketing site, is now available for internet affiliate sales through the Share A Sale affiliate network. Mobile marketing is the latest hot medium for advertising and promotions in the United States. According to a study by eMarketer, $670 million will be invested in mobile marketing this year … Read More

Mobile Coupons Go Green | Economically Friendly Marketing

Mobile Coupons: Economically Friendly Marketing Tough economic times cause penny pinching Americans to love mobile coupons. Ask most US consumers if they want to receive mobile marketing messages on their cell phones and they will usually answer with a resounding ‘no.’ Consumers have been pre-sold that allowing advertising messages on their cell phone means that all those unwanted Viagra ads … Read More