How To Choose a Text Message Marketing Company

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Every day, there seems to be a new company jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon. Why? Just look at the numbers. The studies are showing tremendous growth and opportunity in the field of mobile marketing.

So, how do we compare against these young upstarts?

HISTORY: One company in our field was bragging the other day on their blog that they’ve been around for 6 years! In mobile, that’s admittedly a relatively long time compared to many of the upstarts who have been in the business for a year. Our company, however, has been in mobile since 2002 when we started in the ringtone business. We have been offering interactive telephone services since 1989. 6 years? You must be kidding!
Why should length of time in business be important to you? When you promote a shared short code, you are going to have a lot of creative invested in it…outdoor, radio, TV, print. If the young company you are working with doesn’t return next year, you’ve lost everything you’ve built since promoting the short code. This would be a disaster.
We’ve been in business for over 20 years. We are diversified over many product lines and even international markets. So, if any one part of our business fails, we have others to pick up the shortfall. If you are going to bet on a company being here next year, would you go with the company that’s been in business for 23 years, 6 years, or 1 year?
TEAM: The five department heads at our company have a combined 143 years of work experience. Moreover, they have a combined 70 years of work experience at our company alone!  Look at the pictures of some of our competitors.  They look like our sons and daughters.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Work with us and you will have a team of experienced professionals available 24 hours per day. You will have your account executive, account manager, engineering manager, product manager, and customer service contacts. Heck, we even give you the cell phone number of the president of the company.
DEVELOPMENT: We don’t purchase our development off the shelf. We keep the develop in development and do it ourselves.
CONNECTIVITY: When it comes to the carriers, if they support short codes, or any of our other products, then we support them. If you find a carrier that is not part of our solution, it’s not because we don’t have them; it’s because they’ve chosen not to use the technology.
EASE OF OPERATION: We continue to get compliments that our text message marketing platform is the easiest to use in the industry. Try it and we think you’ll agree. You’ll be a pro in less than 10 minutes!
PRODUCT ENHANCEMENTS:  Advanced Telecom Services is a One Stop Mobile Marketing Shop.  We are more than just text message marketing.  Look to us for mobile web sites, apps development, Custom QR Codes, and a host of other mobile marketing products.
SECURITY: Your data is protected from outside parties and is yours and yours alone. We don’t sell your data to anybody and we don’t market to it ourselves.
Certainly, there are some fine and creative companies in the mobile marketing industry. But, we do think we are the best.
Call us. We’ll be happy to provide further insight.