Nightclub Mobile Advertising for Young Adults

Take a look around your club one night.  How many consumers are texting on their mobile phones while out with their friends having a good time?  Probably a vast majority of them.  With text message marketing, now you can advertise your club straight to their cell phones – their preferred use of communication.  18-29 year olds are the hardest to reach by e-mail, yet 95% of them are texting on their cell phones.  E-mail is just so yesterday!

With text message marketing night clubs you can easily get customers in your bar instead of those of your competitors.  Send a promotion of half off drinks on a Friday night and many of your consumers will leave the bar they are in to come to yours!

With text message marketing bars you can reach customers no matter where they are with personalized messages.  Provide your opt-in list with mobile coupons, event or concert announcements, and/or VIP access.  Your night club or bar will immediately be the hot spot in your town.

As the growth of mobile continues to explode, so does your opportunity to reach this vast audience of prospects.  Get started with our affordable text message marketing night clubs plan today.

Advanced Telecom Services is a mobile marketing company based out of Philadelphia, but our short code 84444 works throughout the United States as well as Canada.  Our team of experienced mobile experts is here to help you with any mobile marketing needs you may have.  We can create a mobile website, mobile app, custom QR code, IVR, and more!

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