Make An Easy, User-Friendly WAP Site

stands for Wireless Application Protocol. It’s the international standard for communications in a wireless environment.

This may all seem like engineering speak to you, but the important thing to remember is that  WAP enables a cell phone to access the internet. This is done through the web browser on your cell phone. A WAP browser enables a cell phone to do essentially the same things as your computer does on the internet, but with accommodations for the smaller screen contained on a cell phone.

If you’ve ever tried to access a web site that is not a WAP site, however, you’ll see just how difficult this is. Sites that are heavy in graphics or content simply don’t convert well to the smaller screen mobile phone. WAP web sites, on the other hand, are written in and dynamically converted through Wireless Markup Language and are, therefore, easily accessed by the WAP browser in a cell phone.
With, you can do a WAP Push with an interactive text message promotion. A WAP Push can be created by simply typing in the URL in your response message on an interactive text message program. By embedding a URL in the text message, the user can easily access a web site by hitting the “Go To” button on his or her cell phone. The web site will then be pulled up in the user’s web browser.
As an added FREE BONUS to, we offer our exclusive Mobile Web Wizard to make a web site WAP-enabled. There is no additional cost to use the Mobile Web Wizard beyond the regular package purchase.’s Mobile Web Wizard enables a web site to be optimized for cell phones. It’s just another added bonus to using the best mobile marketing tool in the nation—

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