Make Your Business Interactive with QR Codes

You’ve seen ‘em – those funny little boxes that appear in ads, on business cards, product packaging, billboards, and more.  Scan one with your smartphone and you’re automatically transported to a website, mobile coupon, or even a video.

You can easily build your opt-in database via QR code.  Have your consumers scan your QR code to sign up to receive your text messages.  Bring them to a mobile microsite that asks for their cell phone number and they are easily opted-in to your text message marketing database.

In fact, take any ordinary black and white box, customize it and watch it skyrocket.

Custom QR codes achieve scan rates that are 2.3 times higher than ordinary black and white mobile bar codes.

From delivering mobile coupons to providing directions to your store, custom QR codes can be used in many ways.  Let’s discuss your objectives.  Then, our team of creative graphic designers and experienced media professionals can get to work generating an awesome, attention-getting, custom mobile bar code for you.  Check out our gallery of branded QR codes and see just how talented we are.