Send Appointment Reminders to Patients via Text Message

Lost appointments= lost time + lost income.

Instead of allowing your patients to forget about their six month cleaning appointment, send them a text  message reminder to make sure that they will be there. With 94% of all text messages being opened  immediately upon receipt, you can be confident that your patient will read your message and attend his/her appointment.

First, your patient must choose to opt-in (receive your text messages). This is usually when your patient checks in for his/her appointment. It would also be easy to set up already-existing patients with the service. The day before the scheduled appointment, the system administrator can send a reminder text message informing your patron of the commitment.

Sending reminder text messages to your patients will make sure they never miss an appointment again. After all, missed appointments are a waste of time and a loss of income on your part.

ATS Mobile is here to help you out with any mobile marketing needs you may have. With dentist offices, people often have questions for dentists or dental hygienists that could easily and quickly be answered via text message. With our mobile services, we can set up a textchat feature to allow a patient to talk to a dentist or dental hygienist through the comfort of their mobile phone. If this sounds like a feature you may be interested in, contact one of our experienced mobile reps today. They can also set your company up with a mobile website, mobile app, custom QR code, IVR,  mobile ad buying and more. These mobile tactics are extremely affordable and helpful for allowing your company to run as smoothly as possible.