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Ecologically Friendly Mobile Marketing from

By its nature, mobile marketing is a far friendlier marketing tool for the environmentally-conscious advertiser.  At, and Advanced Telecom Services, we take the environment very seriously.  We host a bike to work day for employees, we use both sides of the office paper, and we recycle all paper, plastic, and metal products.  In addition, we recycle miscellaneous products like printer toner and office computers and display screens.  We even recycle our old cell phones!

Mobile Coupons Save the Environment

Take mobile coupons for instance.  Imagine the waste that the Sunday inserts in your newspaper produce.  There are hundreds of coupons printed there, but how many do even the most avid coupon clippers use?  Most newspaper readers just throw the coupon section out with the other parts of the newspaper that they are simply not interested in.

With mobile coupons, there is no waste.  Only those who want the coupons download them.  Moreover, if they are downloaded and never used, there is no negative impact on the environment.

Green Office Solutions takes the impact that we have on the environment very seriously and we have several initiatives towards making our own company greener and reducing our carbon footprint.  This, in turn, helps make our customers become greener too.

Our intitiatives at the office include using the most efficient hardware available to increase our ability to be environmentally-friendly.  It also includes limiting use of air conditioning in the hot summer months and encouraging employees to stay comfortable with a casual dress code that includes shorts for men on days over 90 degrees.  In the winter, we encourage employees to dress warmly and enable individual offices to adjust temperature controls for their own individual comfort, while never allowing any temperatures in the complex to rise above 68 degrees.

Recycling is another major part of our environmentally-conscious company.  Not only do we participate in recycling, but through our lobbying, we got the office complex owners to initiate our recycling efforts throughout the 12 building complex in the office park.  Our company has also been involved in planting new trees in the office complex area.

Customer Giveaways

Rather than give the traditional pens out at trade shows and for holiday gifts, our company offers promotional items that help the environment and reduce waste.  For example, we recently did a promotional campaign that distributed bird houses to our customers and prospects.  Not only did it provide a nice environment for wildlife, but it also promoted the recycling of 2 liter soda bottles.

Going Green

At, we don’t claim to have all of the answers to our environmental concerns, but we know one thing.  We are doing our small part to make this world a better place for our generation and future generations.