Emergency Text Alerts Save Lives

If you want to reach students, email is so yesterday when compared to text messages.  Plus, unlike text messages, email is read when it’s convenient.  This does your student body little good when there is an emergency happening.

That’s why many colleges, schools, and businesses now use emergency text message alerts programs.  Since 84% of Americans keep their cell phones turned on and with them 24 hours per day, and 94% of all text messages are opened and read immediately upon receipt, emergency text message alerts are a great way to reach students on-the-go.  Moreover, your emergency text message alert will reach the studentnow.  In an emergency situation, there is no alternative.

Here’s how it works.  Students sign up their cell phone numbers for an opt-in database controlled by the school or business.  Most schools use its web site or registration period to obtain the cell phone numbers.  When an emergency happens, the system administrator can react quickly, often getting the emergency notification out within seconds of the occurrence of the emergency.

Put simply:  emergency text message alerts can save lives.

Can your school or business live without an emergency text message alert system as part of your overall emergency notification methods?

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