See Your Name in Lights with Our Text to Screen Program

During your next event, take a look around your audience.  How many of them are texting, taking pictures, or viewing web content on their mobile phones?  As the growth of mobile continues to explode, so does your opportunity to engage consumers at your next sports game or concert.


During breaks or time outs, allow attendees to text a message to the jumbotron.  After approving the message, post it on the scoreboard.  Fans will love the interaction and will look forward to seeing their customized message on the jumbotron.  This will also ensure your consumers notice your sponsors pictured on the screen or scoreboard.


You can even hold a text message vote or text message survey.  After collecting all the data, present the results onto the scoreboard later in the game or event.


The best part about text to screen promotions is that now you have an opt-in list to market to in the future.  Keep fans informed about tour dates or upcoming games.  Send them score updates with text message marketing sports teams.  You can even send them mobile coupons to use when buying memorabilia at the club house.  Help out your sponsors, too.  Include sponsorship information at the end of your broadcast text message to help them generate revenue.  This will in turn help offset most or all of the affordable text message marketing costs.


Advanced Telecom Services is a Philadelphia-based mobile marketing company specializing in text message marketing, mobile websites, mobile apps, custom QR codes, IVR, and more.  Our team of mobile experts is here to answer any questions you may have and we’re happy to help you with any mobile marketing needs you may have.  Get started with our effective do-it-yourself mobile marketing program today.

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