84444.com Frequently Asked Questions
What is 84444.com?
84444.com is a text message marketing company that offers interactive and broadcast text message marketing. It’s a “do-it-yourself” text message solution that allows users to be up and running within a few minutes.
Who uses 84444.com?
84444.com is utilized by a variety of users. Some of the largest users of our mobile marketing services include advertising agencies and radio stations. Additionally auto dealers, nightclubs, retailers, schools and universities, and newspapers. The most common applications are sweepstakes, coupons, and mobile alerts.
How can I learn more about the mobile marketing industry?
We strongly urge you to check out our blog which talks about the mobile marketing industry. Additionally, we write a blog on the 84444.com site.  There are also mobile marketing press releases.
I’m unable to locate a package that matches my needs. Do you offer other size packages?
Of course we do! Most packages on the site are usually the ones most customers decide to buy. Our sales department will be delighted to customize a package for all your needs. Feel free to contact us by dialing 610-688-6000 or sending us an email to sales@advancedtele.com
I like your service, however, I found something a bit cheaper on another site. Could you match the price?
Our bulk purchasing of SMS messages allows us one of the cheapest prices for text message marketing in the industry. We will match a cheaper price in order to earn your business. Feel free to use the LIVE CHAT button or call us at 610-688-6000 so we can better accommodate you.
Do you offer QR Codes?
Of course we do! QR Codes can be incorporated into your text plan at 84444.com or utilized as a service that stands alone. To learn more, please call us at 610-688-6000. Or, email our sales team at sales@advancedtele.com
What’s the difference between broadcast text messaging and interactive?
Broadcast text messaging involves sending the same text message to a large database of users. For interactive text messaging, it involves sending a keyword to the short code 84444 and getting an immediate response.
What’s a short code?
A short code is a five digit number and is established for promotional text messaging. Receiving promotional or advertising messages from anything but a short code may be perceived as spam by the carriers.
Can I get my own short code and what is a shared short code?
Of course you can, but remember, they are quite expensive. A standard short code costs $500 per month and a vanity short code (such as 84444) costs $1000 per month. For establishing a short code, there’s an initial investment of $3500. Don’t worry, these aren’t our costs, but they are pass through costs from the carriers. Most people opt to use the shared short code technology that is utilized here at 84444.com, because it doesn’t require any monthly fees.
What is a vanity short code?
84444 is a vanity short code because it’s easy to remember. When using broadcasting for your mobile marketing, a vanity short code is crucial since your message needs to be retained by the listener in a short commercial message.
What are the disadvantages and advantages to a shared short code?
An advantage of a shared short code is the lower cost. Another advantage is 84444.com has paid for the monthly costs and start-up for the shared short code and several organizations utilize the same shared short code.
We only have one potential disadvantage, which is no two users can utilize the same keyword.
What is a keyword?
A keyword is a word that’s sent via text to 84444, which will identify your service. Keywords aren’t case sensitive, so don’t worry about capitalizing them. When you advertise a keyword, however, we do recommend capitalizing all of the letters in the keyword so it stands out from the rest of the message. For example, text ‘RESULTS’ to 84444.
Who owns the keyword?
You’re able to use the keyword as long as you pay for the keyword on a monthly basis. Once you cancel or fail to make a payment, the keyword will be available for others to register after 30 days.
I want to purchase a package that contains one keyword. What if I need more than one keyword?
For $20 per month, 84444.com allows you to purchase additional keywords.
How can I re-use a keyword for another service and/or campaign?
If you are using a keyword that’s currently in use for an active campaign and you desire to utilize the keyword for a different campaign or service, you’ll need to do the following: First, click on “My Services,” and check the box of the campaigns that has the keyword you’d like to re-use. Second, click the “End Service” button at the bottom of the page. Your keyword may now be utilized in a new service.

How do I remove a keyword?

In order to remove a keyword from your account, you must first click on My Services and then check the box of the campaign which contains the keyword you would like to remove. Second, click the “End Service” button at the bottom of the page. Last, click on “My Dashboard” then click My Keywords and Find the keyword you would like to remove and then click Release
Who has ownership rights to the database?
You are the one who owns the database and 84444.com doesn’t have any rights to the database. You should never worry about the database being used or re-sold for any purposes other than your own. This is your database and your database exclusively.
I need to keep more than one database of my users. Can 84444.com do this?
Sure, you are able to manage several databases for different regions, promotions, clients or other purposes. There is no limit to the number of databases in your account.
Do I need to put software on my computer?
There’s no download necessary. You may configure your keywords through a simple website that you are able to access from any computer that’s connected to the internet. Additionally, if you are on the go, you may access your account from your smartphone or tablet.
How many messages are sent per minute?
This is really up to you! 84444.com passes off the messages to the carrier. After the messages are delivered to the carrier, the carrier makes the final decision when to deliver them. When a delay happens, it’s not usually 84444.com that is the source of the delay, instead it’s heavy traffic in a particular region with a particular carrier. If you need a large amount of messages to be sent in a short amount of time, please contact us and we’ll put it on our large volume platform.
Is there a start-up cost or monthly cost for 84444.com?
We do not charge you a startup fee. Feel free to check out our 84444.com pricing for more information.
I am new to this and don’t know what size package to buy. What if I need more text messages?
If you are paying by PayPal or credit card and you exceed the allotted text messages, 84444.com will continue to run your promotion through an overage package. Overage texts are billed in buckets of 500 messages for $25 each. Overage texts are good for 12 months.
What if I don’t use all of the text messages?
Text messages obtained in your overage package are carried over for 12 months. If you wish, you may downgrade or upgrade your package at any time. Downgrades will take effect on your monthly anniversary date while upgrades are in effect instantly.
Does 84444.com work off of a calendar month?
We absolutely do not! We will work from the date that you signed up which becomes your monthly anniversary date.
What if I just want to run a one-time 2 month long campaign?
The good thing about 84444.com is that there aren’t any long-term contracts required and you may cancel at any point. You are able to sign up on a month to month basis.
How do I cancel the service when the promotion is over?
All you need to do is email 84444.com and we’ll cancel the program on your next anniversary date. We require prior notice of at least 3 business days. Contact sales at 84444.com
What is an “opt-in?”
You must have some form of visible opt-in from the affiliates of your database. To learn more, check MMA Guidelines.
I just registered and want to send a text broadcast, but it says my list needs to be approved first. Why?
For new accounts, you must obtain permission to establish the legitimacy of your opt-in process. 84444 requires you to send verifiable opt-in information if the opt-ins did not come from an interactive text message promotion.
How do I make the opt-in database?
In order to create an opt-in database, most utilize interactive message programs. You must utilize the necessary documentation to opt-in. By using this opt-in process, it will allow consumers to receive your broadcast messages in the future.
How can I upload, or enter mobile phone numbers to one of my marketing lists?
By sending a quick text to your keyword, subscribers can be added to your list. They may also physically place their information onto your website by adding their phone number or by uploading a CSV document or excel spreadsheet.
Am I able to buy a list of phone numbers that permit text message advertisements?
Absolutely not! Another organization cannot send messages to those who opt-in to receive text messages. Don’t take a risk by using a list of mobile numbers because you’ll be terminated without a refund. We take spam very seriously.
Will it cost the recipient to review my text message?
Most people have a texting plan, so it probably won’t cost anything. Sending a text will count towards the consumer’s total messages permitted. However, more than likely—unless they’ve reached the capacity of text messages—it’s unlikely to cost them. So, it’s best for consumers to have a text message plan before they opt-in to any promotional text program. Most of them already do anyway.
How long can a text message be?
In the United States, 160 characters is the text message limit. Be sure to count the spaces!
How can I confirm that a text message was received and read?
We have no way of knowing if a text message was opened and read. We do however, supply you with delivery reports in the back end system of 84444. We know if we delivered the message, but we have no way of tracking whether or not it was opened.
A member of my database didn’t receive the text message. Why not?
One of the reasons the recipient may have never received a text is that their cell phone was turned off when the message was sent. Additionally, the recipient could have been outside an area where service was available. Also, it is possible that the recipient may not be able to receive messages from short code businesses. This is known as a short code block and it can easily be removed by calling the carrier.
What carriers do you work with?
In terms of traditional HTTP-sent text messages, we work with all of the major carriers such as Alltel, AT&T, Cellular One, Boost, Centennial, Cingular, Cincinnati Bell, Cricket/Leap, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Virgin, and Verizon. To check out our complete list, click here 84444.com supported cell phone carriers
What if a carrier is not listed here, does that mean that we can’t include them on our database?
Usually, when a carrier isn’t included, it’s most likely because they are a third-tier carrier that does not engage in the short code system. However, if they work with short codes, we will accommodate them.
How can a consumer opt-in again once they’ve opted out?
If they wish to opt-in, they may send your keyword or START to 84444 again and the opt-out will then be eliminated.
Some other bulk SMS services say that I should know the carrier of each of the cell phone numbers in the database. Is this true?
The cell carrier is not needed to be provided with 84444.com. 84444.com will do a database inquiry on a huge national cell phone database before sending the first text message over to them.
Also, don’t worry about an additional charge for this database inquiry service. We got you covered.
Can 84444.com send messages internationally?
84444.com may only send text message in the United States and Canada as well as its territories. If you wish to send text messages to other countries, we will provide this to you as a concierge service. Contact us for further details.
What if I send a broadcast text message and someone hits the “reply” button and sends a message back to us?
A reply message to 84444 will show up in your inbox.
What reporting data will I receive from 84444.com?
Reporting includes time, date, phone number, carrier, message received, and incorrect or correct answer, if applicable.
Is it a long process to get started with 84444.com?
As soon as you receive a receipt of your payment, you may get started immediately. When utilizing a PayPal or credit card, online approval happens right away! You’ll be ready to go in 10 minutes!
Am I able to try it before I buy?
Of course! We provide a free trial account that includes 1 keyword and 60 messages for 14 days. Visit our sign up page to register for a free trial account.
What if I desire to pay other than PayPal or credit card?
No matter what way you wish to pay, we will accommodate you. We can do monthly invoices if you prefer.
I’m an advertising agency and I desire to be a reseller of 84444.com. Are you able to accommodate this?
84444.com can create a private label site for your agency to resell to your customers.
Does 84444.com have an affiliate program?
Absolutely! For any sales made, you receive a commission with our mobile marketing affiliate program. To find out more, contact us.
Where am I able to get an app and mobile website made for my company?
We are the perfect place to assist you with that! ATS Mobile develops apps and websites in-house.
Who owns 84444.com?
We are owned by Advanced Telecom Services, which has been providing interactive telephone solutions for advertisers, brands, media and agencies since 1989.
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