Text Message Copywriting Tips | How to Write Mobile Campaign

Text Message Copywriting Tips

Getting involved in mobile marketing is the first step, but to maximize the value of your mobile marketing campaign, you need to have a powerful message.

Ever try writing a corporate vision or a slogan?  It’s really difficult, because it’s so short!  You have much more to say than you can fit in a sentence!

It’s the same thing with text message marketing.  You only have 160 characters to work with so fitting everything you have to say into such a short space is not easy.

Here’s some of our writing tips to maximize the value of your mobile marketing messages:

  1. Don’t get carried away with abbreviations.  You may think that young adults and teens love them, but they really don’t.  If your target market is teens and young adults, have a person of that age group write the message.
  2. We’ve all heard of “promoting the sizzle, not the steak.”  Nowhere is that more important than with text message marketing.  Use strong adjectives in your message.  Try brand-new, discount, luxury, profitable, or versatile.  Never “state of the art” or “robust!”
  3. Create desire for your product by offering discounts, extra points to your VIP Club, or free offers.
  4. Include “forward to friends” in the message.  The viral aspect of mobile marketing is one of its greatest benefits.
  5. Always include a call to action like “while supplies last” or “offer expires July 1.”
  6. Make your opt-ins feel special.  Give them first notice of a new product or special sale notifications.

Talk to your 84444.com salesperson.  We have 21  years of experience in the telemedia world and we are happy to share our experiences and success stories with you to make your mobile marketing campaign a success.