Modern Marketing Techniques in Boston

In a city containing over 100 colleges, the easiest way to reach your target audience to sell your product to Bostonians is via text message.  With so many busy college students, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach consumers through the din of advertising.  Have a product or service for 18-29 year olds?  They’re the hardest to reach by e-mail, yet 95% of them are texting on their cell phones.  With 94% of all text messages being opened immediately upon receipt, you can’t ignore this effective marketing medium.

Do you want to go where everyone knows your name?  Here at, we provide you with a one-on-one relationship with an easy-to-use interactive text message marketing service.  A leader among text message marketing companies, we’re not a newbie in this industry.  We have been serving the marketing and communications needs of our customers for 20+ years.

We know we make the best cup of New England clam chowder.  When you need mobile marketing experts, think of  We’ll understand your mobile marketing needs and swat one out of the park for you…like a David Ortiz homerun.