Text Message Use by Age Group in the USA 2013

Text Messaging in the United States in 2013

While there continue to be other options for text messaging such as apps, Americans continue to be avid and prolific users of text messaging.  The recent study by Experian certainly points out just how much US citizens are texting in 2013.

As always, young adults are texting the most, at least among those 18+.  It’s interesting that this study breaks down the number of text messages received and those sent.  For the youngest adult (college age) adults, more text messages are received than sent.  While the reason for this is not known, you’d have to think that promotional text messages from businesses and organizations (that a person does not normally reply to) has to be a big part of the reason.

While we are never surprised by the number of texts sent and received by young adults and teens, there has been remarkable growth in the 45-54 age group when it comes to texting.  Citizens in this age group are now involved with just shy of 1,000 text messages per month!  TheNielsen study in 2010, had this age group doing just 234 text messages per month!

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