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Miss Virginia 2010: Text Voting

Roanoke, VA — Caitlin Uze, Miss Greater Richmond, was named Miss Virginia 2010 on Saturday night.

Uze, 22, is a graduate of James Madison University and is originally from Arlington.  She finished in the top 10 in 2008 and was also Miss Apple Blossom Festival in 2009.

Uze won a $16,500 scholarship and added a $500 scholarship for winning the swimsuit competition.

Advanced Telecom Services provided an interactive text message vote program for television audience participation in the Miss Virginia event.  Viewers sent a text message with VA plus a number 1 through 11 to vote for their favorite contestant during the semi-final competition.  Voters used Advanced Telecom Services’ premium SMS program and the cost was $.99 each for the participants.

Ironically, the contestant that was the television audience’s favorite in the text message voting, Rosemary Willis, did not qualify as one of the five finalists in the pageant.