Drive Home a Sale with Text Message Marketing

Cell phone users are savvy and smart consumers – using mobile to shop, compare prices, perform Internet searches, and much more.  These smart consumers require smarter marketing.  Text message marketing auto dealers gets you out there, delivering information your customers want into their hot little hands the way they want it – fast and easy.

Place a sign on every car in your lot instructing interested buyers to text a keyword to 84444.  After they do this, they immediately receive a text message back with more information about the car they are looking at – the price, the year, the model, key features, etc.  This makes car hunting an extremely easy task.

From the dealership’s perspective, they are now given the phone number of this prospective customer.  If the price drops you can immediately let everyone know who has shown interest in this automobile.  This is an extremely effective and affordable way to market your cars.  You know that everyone who has sent an SMS is extremely interested – a perfect way to weed out the window shoppers.

You can even place your keyword in an advertisement allowing consumers to text in to see a list of available cars, current promotions, and more!  As the use of mobile continues to expand, so does your opportunity to reach this vast audience of prospects.  Text message marketing auto dealers converts your prospects into customers.  This translates into profit.  Get started with your text message marketing auto dealers plan today!

Advanced Telecom Services is a prominent company in the mobile marketing industry.  We can create mobile websites, apps, custom QR codes, IVR, text message voting, and more!  Contact a team member today or check out our website.  We have a team of experienced mobile experts ready to get you started with a personalized mobile marketing plan.

So, Take a Mobile Test Drive today with

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