Mobile Advertising is Modern Advertising

As the growth of mobile continues to explode, so does your opportunity to reach this vast audience with text message marketing.  In fact, 91% of consumers have their mobile phone within reach 24/7.  You can’t afford not to be within their reach.

Plus, did you know that within 90 seconds the average person responds to a text message – even promotional one – compared to 90 minutes for an e-mail?  E-mail is just so yesterday!  It’s time to take advantage of the most powerful marketing medium, text message marketing.

The beauty about text message marketing is that your consumers must first opt-in, sign up to receive your text messages.  This is usually done with a call-to-action like a mobile sweepstakes, text message voting poll, or mobile coupon.  They can quickly type your keyword and it send it to our short code 84444, and voila!  Your message is in their hands in seconds.

Cell phone users are smart consumers – using mobile to shop, make reservations, do price comparison, get directions, and look up information online.  Smart consumers require smarter marketing.

Text message marketing is effective as well as cost efficient.

For just pennies a text, you could be marketing your product to your targeted audience in seconds.  Get started with our text message marketing plan today or contact a sales representative at Advanced Telecom Services.  ATS has a team of experienced mobile experts ready to help you with any mobile marketing needs you may have.  We can develop a mobile app or design a web site.  We’re your one stop mobile marketing shop!

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