Mobile Marketing for businesses of any size




A recent article published by the Center for Media Research, and utilizing the data from a late 2013 study entitled “Netbiscuits People’s Web Report” from Direct Marketing News, stresses the importance of marketers engaging with consumers where they seem to spend all of their life, on their mobile devices.

“Marketers know that consumers are constantly interacting with their mobile devices,” the study leads off. “About 20% of consumers spend up to 15 minutes per day searching on mobile, and 50% spend up to 30 minutes shopping per day.”

Those kinds of numbers mean not only marketing professionals but business owners of all size companies must take heed and incorporate mobile marketing into an overall, big picture advertising campaign.

One of the basic elements of any mobile campaign is SMS text message marketing, which many clients do themselves using the platform.

Text message marketing enables businesses to begin building an opt-in data base of consumers who have interacted and engaged with a text call-to-action, and have simultaneous future communication to that list via text broadcasts.

There’s ample evidence that marketers are going down the mobile path.  The article states that, “71% of marketers currently use mobile as part of their multichannel brand experiences, according to the recent report “Getting Mobile Right” by Brand Republic and Netbiscuits, and nearly 52% use the channel to increase their overall website traffic.”

Another key point to the study is mobile’s integral part of the consumer’s purchasing process.  If a mobile device is going to be used to search, compare, and transact, all in one, it’s clearly evident that this channel cannot be ignored.

Businesses of any size and revenue should at least consider a basic SMS text message program to see how it can benefit their rest of year goals.