Making Magazines Mobile

The publishing industry has out of necessity, embraced the internet, seeing that this venue can provide unlimited opportunities to enhance customer contact and relationships.

The Internet is definitely an effective and accessible resource. However, the cell phone is even more effective. Being able to send text messages to your customer base extends your brand exponentially, building brand loyalty among readers. The cell phone is carried by nearly every single person in the United States, and text messages sent to these phones are opened up and read immediately an astounding 94% of the time. This is staggering in comparison to the more traditional marketing methods.
Major publishing companies have already seen the power of text messaging in delivering mobile content to their customers as well as potential print customers.
Some of the ways can help your magazine build loyalty among your customers include daily content deliveries, voting programs and text-to-win contests.
Along with the text message blast option, is the keyword. Customers see your keyword in your magazine and text the keyword in to 84444. The customer receives a text message in response, confirming that they have joined your text messaging list.  Then, whenever you want to contact your subscribers, you log onto website to instantly send a text message to all your subscribers. Simple, immediate and revenue producing!’s software allows magazines to send out professional yet easy to build, mobile marketing campaigns.


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