34% of American Households Now Cell Phone Only

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If you are trying to reach Americans by their landlines, think again.  A recent report by CTIA shows that 34% of all USA households are cell phone only now.  This is up from 10.5% in 2007.  Our report posted here on 84444.com in 2010 showed 22.7% of all USA households having cut their landline.

In the past, we’ve also published a percentage of households that were cell phone only by state.  Although a bit outdated by now, it’s still an interesting read to see where your state ranks.

The report also indicates that there are more mobile phones in the USA than adults.  Penetration rate for mobiles is now 101%.  Ten years ago it was just 47%.

Annualized text messages for 2012 will come in at 2.27 trillion if a number like that means anything to you.  It’s simply too high for me to understand.

by Bob Bentz