84444.com Announces New Affiliate Program

84444.com Announces New Affiliate Program through Share A Sale

84444.com, a new do-it-yourself mobile marketing site, is now available for internet affiliate sales through the Share A Sale affiliate network.
Mobile marketing is the latest hot medium for advertising and promotions in the United States. According to a study by eMarketer, $670 million will be invested in mobile marketing this year by American companies. Growth is anticipated to reach $3.3 billion by 2014.
The mobile marketing site, developed and promoted by Advanced Telecom Services, is the company’s version 2.0 software which enhances the technology from its PromoTXT, TXTLaunchPad, and Radio Launch Pad products. The 84444.com site is able to send interactive and broadcast text messages. It also has special applications such as mobile coupons and cell phone text message sweepstakes.
With 84444.com, advertisers and promoters can launch large interactive and broadcast text message campaigns from the convenience of their desktop computer. For an interactive campaign, a consumer can text a keyword to a short code (for example, Text RESULTS to 84444) and the consumer immediately receives a message in return. Once the consumer has participated in an interactive program, the advertiser now has an existing relationship with that consumer and can send periodic broadcast text messages to the consumer.
In less than six months, 84444.com has already attracted some major national brands including Subway, 7-11, Diet Coke, Duke University, and the Pocono Raceway. Numerous radio stations and newspapers such as the Houston Chronicle also use 84444.com to power its mobile marketing efforts.
“For a few years now, we’ve been wondering when the ‘Year of Mobile’ would come,” said Bob Bentz, president of Advanced Telecom Services. “The results of 84444.com have proven that it is here now.”
Affiliate marketers on the internet can now take advantage of the burgeoning mobile marketing marketplace through the 84444.com affiliate program on the Share A Sale network. Sites that cater to the advertising, media, school, organization, or any business-to-business entity are best suited to promote the 84444.com affiliate program.
“The great thing about mobile marketing is that so many different organizations are using it,” said Bentz. We have national restaurant chains and single location pizza shops. We have major universities and high school sports teams. We have Madison Avenue advertising agencies and family-owned retail stores.”
One of the attractions of mobile marketing is its low price, especially when compared to direct mail. According to Bentz, companies can get involved in mobile marketing for as little as $79. Affiliates are paid $50 for every new customer that signs up, even if the sale is only $79.
“I have great respect for those in the affiliate marketing business,” said Bentz. “We think we’ve given them a unique product that will really sell in the affiliate marketing arena.”

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