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ATS Launches Do It Yourself Mobile Marketing Program

Philadelphia – Advanced Telecom Services (ATS) announces the creation of its newest web site,—a do-it-yourself mobile marketingsolution.

The mobile marketing web site enables advertisers and media to launch interactive and broadcast text message campaigns from the convenience of their desktop computer. The new site is ATS’s version 2.0 of its interactive text message solutions that are currently promoted by the PromoTXT, TXT Launch Pad, and the Radio Launch Pad brands.

Most of ATS’s current users of its mobile marketing solutions are advertisers and media, most notably radio stations that are serviced through the company’s Spark Network Services subsidiary. A typical application is for an advertiser to promote an interactive text message program in its existing advertising. When the consumer sends the keyword to the short code (for example, Text RESULTS to 84444), the consumer immediately receives a text message in return. This creates a very valuable database indeed. Then, that advertiser can send broadcast text messages to the opt-in database with further information, mobile coupons, or special offers.
Advanced Telecom Services was involved in interactive telephone in the early 1990’s when most major advertisers began including 800 numbers in its promotions,” said Bob Bentz, president of ATS. “Including a mobile marketing program in today’s advertising is simply the next evolution of that trend.”
Developed in cooperation with ATS’s sister company, Advanced Mobile Solutions, the site is easy to use and has a number of features that were not present in its previous product offerings.
A most notable improvement is the Mobile Web Wizard – a tool that enables webmasters to make their web sites WAP-enabled to accommodate mobile web browsers. With the Mobile Web Wizard, consumers who visit a company’s web site via a cell phone will find the web site to be customized for the smaller cell phone screen. This feature is currently being offered as a free enhancement when a monthly text message package is purchased.
“With 29% of Americans now accessing the mobile web from their cell phones, there is a need to make web sites WAP-enabled,” said Eric Deininger, product manager for “We believe web developers are really going to like what the Mobile Web Wizard does for them and just how easily it is to work with.”
The product can also be made into a “white-label” mobile marketing site for customers. With a white label solution, advertising agencies and media can make the site look like their own.
“This means that the underlying technology can be the engine behind our customer’s mobile marketing solution,” said Bret Dunlap, president of Advanced Mobile Solutions. “The service was designed for modularity so that our customers can have their own website’s look and feel, set their own pricing, and even swap out the 84444 short code with their short code.”
According to Neilsen, over 160 million Americans, or 58% of the adult population, use text messaging today. Advertiser-supported mobile marketing reached $1.47 billion in North America in 2008 and is projected to reach $3.83 billion by 2011, according to eMarketer.
“The future growth prospects for mobile marketing are staggering,” said Bentz. “We believe offers the most enhancements and is the most user-friendly mobile marketing tool in North America.”
Bentz agreed that the United States is behind most European and Asian countries when it comes to mobile marketing, but that the USA is beginning to catch up.
“One thing is for sure,” said Bentz. “When customers begin to use it, they keep coming back. The ROI on mobile marketing is the best in the business.”
Advanced Telecom Services, of Wayne, Pennsylvania, has been providing interactive telephone services to media and advertising agencies since 1989. Its impressive client list includes New York Times, Coca-Cola, and Subway.
Advanced Mobile Solutions, also of Wayne, Pennsylvania, provides interactive mobile marketing solutions specifically in the area of mobile classified listings. Its clients include Houston Chronicle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch,, and American Home Builders.
Spark Network Services, of Des Plaines, Illinois, provides mobile marketing solutions primarily to radio stations. Through its MatchLink dating solution, Spark Network Services is the largest supplier of non-traditional revenue to radio stations in North America.

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