Rock the Vote with Text Message Marketing

Barack Obama created a political text messaging program that was instrumental in his 2012 campaign. When it was all finished, both a new marketing concept and a new presidency were launched.

Obama’s mobile marketing campaign appealed to the young adult market and made this important voting block feel more relevant to the political process. President Obama’s campaign sent large amounts of broadcast text messages to battleground states to remind people about voter registration and to create large crowds wherever the candidate was going to speak.
Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney, failed to mobilize his campaign and the results were disastrous. The young adult vote came out in droves. In 2012, 23 million young Americans under the age of 30 voted—an increase of 11% over the 2008 presidential election.
Political text messaging is clearly here to stay. It is doubtful that any future presidential candidates will make the same mistake that the Romney campaign made nor ignore this new medium in future elections.
Text message marketing fits perfectly with the goals of political candidates. The text messages can be targeted to certain regions or states, age groups, or issues. It can mobilize a candidate’s following and attract the young adult market that can be the difference in an election.
There’s no doubt that Obama’s “Get out the Vote” text messages on Election Day 2012 helped lead the Democrat to a convincing victory.


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