Make Money Off Your Text Message Marketing Campaigns with a Premium SMS Service

Premium SMS services allow your company or non-profit organization to collect money or donations via text message.  The patron simply texts a keyword to 84444 and the payment or donation is added to their mobile phone bill.

Often times asking for donations can be an awkward thing to do.  Premium SMS programs allow you to hide behind your mobile phone therefore making this task a lot less evasive.  Also, our company offers a special discount to legitimate non-profit organizations.  All we ask for in return is a link back to our site from your organization’s website.

The most common use of premium SMS solutions has been text message voting, usually by television shows.  Many applications have also been done with sweepstakes and contest industries, as well as non-profit fundraising.  Most likely, you’ve seen the premium SMS in use on “Deal or No Deal.”

The more common type of mobile marketing is standard text message marketing where standard text message rates apply and there is no extra charge.  Premium SMS actually takes an opposite approach and works similarly to a 900 number.

If you wish to charge consumers to participate in your text message campaign, premium SMS is the answer.

Although you cannot sign up for our premium SMS service on this website, you can contact a sales rep at our Advanced Telecom Services website to get you started with your new program.  ATS has been in the telecommunications industry for over twenty years.  We’re extremely confident that we can provide you with the perfect mobile marketing program tailored to meet all your marketing needs.

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