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Express Delivery
Express Delivery text messages are sent via standard SMS (text) protocol and are supported by all major mobile carriers that also support short codes. Express delivery is highly reliable and the fastest way to send text messages. Messages will appear in the user’s text message inbox from the short code (84444) of this service. The speed and consistency of sending a text message using Express Delivery will be comparable to sending a text message from one person’s phone to another phone.

PrePay No Expiration for 12 months

$0.05 each

pre-paid messagesKeywords $20/month


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Starter $25.00/month


messages per monthIncludes 1 keyword


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Bronze $45.00/month


messages per month Includes 3 keywords


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Silver $75.00/month


messages per monthIncludes 4 keywords


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Gold $180.00/month


messages per monthIncludes 6 keywords


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Pricing FAQ

No worries. What you see above are just our typical packages. Contact Us and we’ll customize a package that fits your specific needs. Sales: 610-688-6000  sales@advancedtele.com
We are so confident in your success that we allow you to upgrade your plan at any time during the month. Such upgrades will take effect immediately. Downgrades of a package will take effect on your next anniversary date.
We can only hope that your promotion will be that successful. If you do exceed the monthly package size, we will place your program on our Overage Plan and will charge your account accordingly. The overage plan allots messages in increments of 500 for $25.00 each. These messages have a 12 month expiration date like our Pay & Go packages.
A lot of companies say they have good customer service, but we back it up. In fact, “Services” is our company’s last name. We know how frustrating it is to not be able to talk to somebody. We are here to help you via the medium that you’d prefer.

Upload as many groups and contacts in your list as you like. There are absolutely no limits to the number of groups or contacts that your account may hold.
When your customer texts a keyword to 84444, the customer will immediately get your automated response message, and then become part of your list. In many cases, this constitutes a legitimate opt-in.
With our Pre Pay plan, your messages essentially have no expiration date; you can use your messages for up to one year after their purchase date. Monthly text message plans are cheaper per message. On your anniversary date, your plan credits will refresh based on the size of the plan. Unused text messages on the monthly plan do not rollover.
Buy your messages in bulk by purchasing 12 months in advance and you will receive a 5% discount, plus your messages on the monthly plan will be good for any time over the 12 month period. Contact an 84444 salesperson to establish a Pre Pay.
If you run promotions that reach across the border, you can use the same short code 84444 in both Canada and the United States.

Our company has been serving Canada since 1993. If you’d like to use our Canadian text message marketing site, check us out on www.84444.ca.