Radio Advertising: Predicted to Rebound | Mobile Marketing Radio

Increase in Radio Advertising for 2010

Recent statistics show the expected increase in radio advertising for 2010. Previously, in 2009 radioradio advertising increaseadvertising took a turn for the worse, decreasing by 17.7%. According to media researcher, SNL Kagan, the drop took revenues to $16.0 billion.
This year, the broadcast industry is back in business with the expected increases for radio ad revenues. SNL Kagan says radio advertising will rise 6.4% to $17.1 billion. They also foresee a rise in the next six years of 15% to $552 million for radio, and $19.8 billion in advertisements.
The total increase in radio revenues includes advertisements online. Along with online ads, mobile marketinghas the ability to enhance this rebound in radio advertising with additional sources of NTR.  Do-it-yourself mobile marketing provides the radio station with the ability to create an opt-in database. You must have permission or an existing relationship with a consumer to send mobile marketing messages to his or her cell phone. And, that’s precisely why mobile marketing works so well. With opt-in marketing, consumers have actually requested to receive your marketing messages, increasing the stations ability to promote their business.
Reaching your best customers with a personalized mobile message has never been easier or more economical than with do-it-yourself mobile marketing tools provided by Advanced Telecom Services based out of Wayne, Pa. Radio stations can create easy to manage voting, sweepstakes, contests, and much more.
This revenue bounce back in 2010 for radio advertising could only be increased with mobile marketing. The cheap, efficient way to promote your station through personalization with your consumers is easy to use; and only beneficial.