Avoid Busy Phone Lines with Text Message Marketing for Radio Stations

Allowing listeners to call into your station to win contests, make song requests, and shout out their friends and/or family leaves many consumers frustrated by the busy signal and angry with the outcome.  Instead of answering 100+ phone calls that make no connections with your listeners, your radio station should create and interactive text message marketing program.

Listeners can text a keyword to 84444 in order to enter themselves into a contest.  This way you can interact with your listener and let him/her know he/she has been officially entered as a contestant in the sweepstakes.

With text message marketing radio stations you can also increase your number of listeners by telling consumers to tune-in at a certain time in order to find out who won the contest.  All contestants will be sure to listen in at that time.

You can also help out your sponsors.  Include sponsorship information to help them generate revenue, and in turn help offset most or all of the text message marketing costs.

Engaging in mobile marketing radio stations will not only increase your number of listeners, but it will also allow for you to collect a database of all your fans.  This database can be used to inform listeners about upcoming contests, concerts, events, sponsorships, and more.

Advanced Telecom Services is your one stop mobile marketing shop delivering programs tailored to meet the needs of you and your consumers and maximize the power of mobile marketing for your business.  We can help you out with mobile apps, mobile websites, custom QR codes, IVR, and much more.

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