Resources for Marketing with Mobile Short Codes

Please review these helpful resources to maximize your knowledge of the mobile marketing industry.

Telecom Services
— ATS is the parent company for and it offers its Mobile Marketing Blog with resourceful information about the mobile marketing industry.

84444 Blog — Our blog allows you to read about others who have become successful with the mobile marketing industry.

CAN-SPAM Act — Mobile marketing is subject to even stricter rules and regulations than email. It is important that your program adhere to these regulations.

Common Short Code Administration — Our technology can also accommodate your own short code. If you wish to purchase your own short code, there is a carrier set-up cost of $3500 plus $1000 per month for a vanity short code and $500 per month for a standard short code.

International Text Messaging – ATS does provide international text messaging to most countries. Contact us if you’re interested in sending messages to customers across the world.

MMS – Multi-Media Messaging Service is the ability to send pictures, videos, and voice to cell phone inboxes. Contact us if you are interested.

Mobile Advertising Guidelines — Initiated by the MMA, the mobile advertising guidelines offers mobile marketers with rules for all promotions.

Mobile Marketing Association — Sets rules for the mobile marketing industry. All policies set forth by the MMA should be followed.

QR Codes — QR Codes, and Custom QR Codes, are a great enhancement to your text message marketing program. Research indicates that Custom QR Codes are showing 2.3 times greater scan rates than with ordinary QR Codes.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) — This 1991 law, administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is the one that governs the sending of promotional text messages without a proper opt-in. Violators are subject to significant fines of up to $1500 per message if found guilty under this law.

Text Message Blog — You will find all the latest information about text message marketing, mobile advertising and mobile marketing promotions on our blog.