X Marks the Spot: Text Message Scavenger Hunt Clues

Looking to create an entertaining event for both adults and kids?  A text message scavenger hunt is the perfect idea!  Instead of using old fashioned pen and paper, allow your clues to be sent directly to their mobile phone.

This is how it works: participants must text a keyword to 84444 to start.  For instance, the first keyword might be START.  All contestants text START to 84444 and the first clue is sent immediately to their cell phone.  As they continue throughout the hunt, they will only receive their next clue if they text the correct keyword to 84444.

And, this isn’t just about your backyard scavenger hunt via text message.  Our parent company, through its Treasure Text technology, runs sophisticated text message scavenger hunts that give away diamond rings and even cars!  Click through to watch our videos and see a proposal that occurs after almost every scavenger hunt involving our jewelry store clients.

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