Text Message Appointment Reminders Ensures Your Client’s Punctuality


In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are always on the go keeping their mobile device nearby at all times. Patrons are extremely busy and often have lots to keep track of every day. Haircuts or doctor’s appointments are not usually part of their every day routine. This is why they can be easily forgotten on a busy day.

Don’t let your clients or patients forget about their upcoming appointment. Send them a text message reminder telling them when, where, and with whom their appointment is with. 94% of all text messages are read immediately upon receipt.  Text message appointment reminders are almost a guaranteed read; therefore assuring your client will be there for his/her appointment. If they realize they can no longer make their appointment, with our service, they can reply letting you know they need to cancel or reschedule. This immediate service will give you ample time to plan accordingly.

As the growth of mobile begins to rise, so does your opportunity to reach this vast audience. Don’t let clients or patients waste your time or your money.

Use our text message appointment reminder service to ensure their punctuality.

An neat feature about 84444’s appointment reminder system is that you can schedule what time you would like your text message to go out. This means you can set up their text message appointment reminder the moment they set up their appointment.  Then you won’t forget to send it and they will be sure to receive it.

Advanced Telecom Services is here to help you out with any mobile marketing needs you may have. With doctor’s offices, there are often awkward conversations some people wish they didn’t need to have in person. With our mobile services, we can set up a textchat feature to allow a patient to talk to a nurse or doctor through the comfort of their mobile phones. If this sounds like a feature you may be interested in, contact one of our experienced mobile reps today. They can also set your company up with a mobile website, mobile app, custom QR code, IVR, and more. These mobile tactics are extremely affordable and perfect for creating appointments.

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