Text Messaging is the Workhorse of Mobile Marketing
You’ll Be a Pro in Less Than 10 Minutes

Text Interactive
Consumers send your keyword to our short code 84444 and immediately get a text message reply. It’s the best way to build your mobile opt-in database.

Text Vote
Have your audience vote by text message and get the results immediately. Great for audience participation!

Text to Landline
You don’t know what you are missing! People are texting your business landline today and those leads are going nowhere. We’ll text-enable your business landline phone.

Ringless Voicemail
Don’t interrupt your consumers’ day. Leave a voicemail on their phone without ever ringing the phone. Coupled with text messaging, it’s a great way to increase frequency.

MMS Picture Messaging
You’re not just limited to 160 character SMS messages. We can also send pictures, videos, or voice files to your opt-in database with MMS.

Text Broadcast
Once you have an opt-in list, you are ready to send your broadcast SMS messages to that list. Text broadcasts are what will make your business grow.

Text Sweepstakes
People love winning prizes and that’s precisely why sweepstakes by text message work so well. Contests are the single best way to grow your database and engage your customers.

Web Widget
An interactive SMS message isn’t the only way to get a legitimate opt-in. Put our web widget on your website and consumers will opt-in there and go right into your 84444 database.

International Texting
We can send text messages virtually anywhere in the world. Contact us and we’ll set up a program to allow for international text messaging.

Mobile Marketing Agency
We provide great text message marketing, but it’s not all we do at ATS Mobile. We do everything mobile and digital from web design to mobile advertising to apps development.