Be a Winner with Text Message Sweepstakes

Text to win sweepstakes is the most popular mobile marketing program as well as the most effective.  Text message sweepstakes are a great way to engage your consumers while also giving them great incentive to join your opt-in list.

The way text message sweepstakes works is the consumer sees your sweepstake in a print advertisement, on television, on the radio, etc.  He/she then texts a keyword to our memorable short code 84444.  The consumer has now been entered into your competition and they have also chosen to be included to receive your future text message promotions.

With this opt-in database, you can now market to your target audience with ease.  Send them company updates, mobile coupons, text message surveys, and more.  The options are endless with text message marketing.


Here at Advanced Telecom Services, we have a team of experienced mobile experts ready and willing to help you out with any mobile marketing needs you may have.  Not only can we set you up with a text message sweepstake promotion, we can also make your company a mobile app, mobile website, custom QR code, textchat, and more!  Contact a sales representative or get started with text message marketing today.

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