How To Send a Text Message Quickly to a Large Database


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“MegaBlaster” System: Send a Text Message Quickly to a Large Database

In addition to the 84444 do-it-yourself system, ATS Mobile also offers a high capacity “MegaBlaster” system for extra large text message broadcasts.  If you are doing a text broadcast of 5000 or more mobile phone numbers, you should use the MegaBlaster solution.

With MegaBlaster, you can send 500 broadcast text messages every 3 seconds.  That’s 10,000 text messages per minute!

The MegaBlaster is especially important if you are a retailer that needs to get a large amount of text messages out in a hurry.  To use MegaBlaster, you should let us know a day in advance, if possible, so that we can load your large database and scrub it for any errors or ommissions.

The MegaBlaster doesn’t cost anything extra.  It is part of your regular 84444 text marketing plan.

To activate the MegaBlaster, please get in touch with your 84444 salesperson or contact us at sales at 84444 dot com.  Phone is 610-688-6000.