Making a Donation is Only a Text Message Away

A terrible tragedy happened recently in Haiti.

But amid, all the terrible loss of life and destruction, one miraculous thing shined through: Americans are a generous group of people when faced with tragedy.
A Red Cross text message donation program caught the fancy of ordinary Americans who gave $10 to help with the relief efforts in Haiti. Commercials on television starring First Lady Michelle Obama, Brad Pitt, and Jimmy Buffett urged Americans to send a text message to donate $10 to the American Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.
Text message donation programs offer an easy and spontaneous way for the public to instantly donate money to a charity through premium SMS. In a society that always seems to be always on the go, it’s no wonder that the Haiti text message donation program was so successful. It also caught the attention of young adults and teens that don’t have credit cards and are significantly less likely to write a check and put it in the mail.
If you wish to set up a text message donation program, you’ll need to use premium SMS services. With such services the consumers sends a keyword to a short code and immediately receives a message back from our system. Once the consumer confirms his intention to make the donation, the charge is conveniently put on his cell phone bill by his carrier.
You cannot set up your own premium SMS program here on the web site by yourself due to the approval process, but we do offer premium SMS services. Please contact an account executive and they’ll be happy to help you get started. For all legitimate non-profit organizations, will offer discounts for text message donation programs. All we ask in return is that you participate in a press release and provide a link from your non-profit web site to ours.

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