Text Message Use by Age Group | Teenage Text Use

Americans continue to be text message crazy, as evidenced by the newest study from The Nielsen Company.  According to Nielsen, teen use of text messages continues to grow.  Teens are, by far, the largest users of text messages, more than doubling that of young adults, 18-24.  Children 0 -12 are the third largest text messagers and the only other category that exceeds 1000 text messages per month.

The use of text messages, however, continues to explode.  Just 8 months ago, for example, 18-24’s used an average of 1299 text messages per month.  In January, 2011, that figure jumps by 31%.  Similarly, middle age Americans in the 35-44 age group, saw a 32% increase in text messages used since March, 2010.  Those age 45-54 saw a 49% increase.  Even seniors 65+ saw an increase of 28! text message marketing chart