Your customers are on the move so shouldn’t your message also be on the move?

According to the Text Message Blog, 94% of all text messages are opened immediately upon receipt. With, you can reach your customers and prospects wherever they are and at the time when they are most likely to buy.  Moreover, you can reach them on their most personal of mediums—the mobile phone.


Steps for a Successful Text Message Marketing Plan

Build your Database

Text message marketing is opt-in marketing.  That means that you must have permission from the consumer prior to sending him a message.  While this may seem like a daunting task, it is precisely why text message marketing works so well.

The best way to build an opt-in database is through interactive text message marketing via a keyword and short code.  For example, Text RESULTS to 84444.  Offering a mobile coupon or special offer is the best way to get your prospects to participate.  When a consumer participates in your interactive text message marketing program, he has now provided a legitimate opt-in to your program.  It is now permissible for you to send him broadcast text message promotions in the future.

Marketing to your Opt-In Database

By opting-in, the consumer has indicated that he wants to receive promotional text messages from you in the future.  Therefore, you can send him broadcast text messages to remind him about your product.

Is Monday a slow night?  Send a broadcast text message to encourage more business on Monday night by making a special offer.  For example, “Show text for Buy One, Get One Free.”  Text message marketing is viral thus giving you an added bonus; friends can invite their friends by simply forwarding your message.

It is important that all of your broadcast text message promotions have legitimate value and you don’t send them too often.  The Mobile Marketing Association recommends no more than two promotional messages per week.  The consumer always holds the cards in this relationship.  If he feels that you are sending too many messages, he can always opt-out of your database simply by replying to your message with “STOP.”

“The Most Powerful Advertising Medium of All-Time”

The New York Times called mobile marketing “the most powerful advertising medium of all-time.”  And, it’s easy to see why.

With mobile marketing you can:

  • Reach your customers when they are most likely to buy.If your business is a deli, for instance, you could send text messages at 11:30 just when consumers are getting hungry for lunch.
  • Reach your customers on their most personal of devices, their cell phone.Text message marketing is one-to-one marketing.  You can create customized messages for each of your database groups.
  • Build your business on slow days.
  • Make consumers aware of a new product offering.
  • Make your message go viral.If one of your customers likes your product, chances are that he has a friend who likes it too.  He’ll pass along your message, thus offering bonus coverage for your business.
  • Make your brand more relevant to younger audiences.Let’s face it, email is so yesterday. is an easy do-it-yourself text message marketing solution.  Take out a FREE TRIAL account. You’ll be a pro in less than 10 minutes.