Inspire Members with a Bible Verse Text Message

In today’s society where most human interaction revolves around technology, the easiest way for a church to stay in touch with its members is via mobile.  84444 Mobile Marketing Company has made text message marketing for churches extremely easy and affordable.

Whether you need to assemble a group of volunteers to help out at a fundraiser, or just send your members a little encouragement with a short Bible verse, SMS is the easiest and most efficient way to do it.  84444 provides churches with many different ways to utilize their do-it-yourself one-on-one mobile marketing medium.

Keep your members “in the know” by sending them updates via text message notifying them of upcoming events and/or important announcements.

Need a way to reach your younger crowd?  Mobile is the easiest way!  Teenagers are constantly on their mobile devices.  In fact, 95% of them have their mobile phone on them 24/7.  Allow members to send prayer requests via SMS.  You can even respond to their prayers via mobile – how cool is that?

Mothers are also constantly on the move.  Allow them to text a keyword to 84444 to supply them with the upcoming youth ministry schedules.

With mobile marketing, your church or religious organization will be able to reach a much larger crowd and interact with them on a deeper level.  Text message marketing for churches is the best way to grow and strengthen your religious community.

We are not newbies in this industry.  Advanced Telecom Services has been working in the telephone communications business for 20+ years.  Our team of mobile experts is ready to get you started with the perfect mobile marketing plan today!