Make The Game Enjoyable with Various Elements of Text Message Marketing

Take a look around your stadium or sports complex during a game.  How many spectators are typing away on their mobile phones?  Probably a vast majority of them.  With text message marketing sports teams, now you can engage fans right on their cell phones – consumers preferred used of communication.

You can keep fans in the know by sending them information about upcoming events at the stadium, score updates about the team, mobile coupons, and much more!  During the game, keep attendees occupied during time outs by allowing them to text to screen a message.  After approving the message, the fans will be able to see what they texted.  This will also ensure your fans notice your sponsors pictured on the jumbotron or scoreboard.  You can also hold a text message survey or poll and place it on the jumbotron.  Fans will be able to text in their votes and then see the results later in the game.


Keep your spectators happy by allowing them to text a keyword to 84444 if a fan in their section has become bothersome.  This way, fans can all have an enjoyable experience throughout the game while also avoiding conflict within the section.  Simply text a message explaining the problem and where you are sitting and an employee will be there shortly to fix the issue.


The beauty of all these features is that now you have created a database of all your consumers.  On a slow day at the ballpark or fan store, you can send out a broadcast message to your opt-in list providing them with a mobile coupon or incentive to check out the game or store.  Increase your ROI with mobile marketing!


As the growth of mobile continues to explode, so does your opportunity to reach this vast audience of consumers.  Get started with our affordable mobile marketing sports teams plan today.  The options are endless.


Advanced Telecom Services is no newbie in this industry.  They have been working with telecommunications for over twenty years.  Our team of experienced mobile experts is here to help you with any of your mobile marketing needs.  We can create mobile apps, mobile website, custom QR codes, and more!


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