1. Capitalize on the VIRAL effect of texts. Encourage recipients to FWD to a friend. [ Tweet This ]
2. Personalize your message with the name of the recipient. [ Tweet This ]
3. Track your results with redeemable mobile coupon codes. [ Tweet This ]
4. Start your message with action verbs like BUY, COME. [ Tweet This ]
5. CAPITALIZE the most important words so they stand out. SALE FREE TODAY ONLY. [ Tweet This ]
6. Send your broadcast messages when customers are most likely to buy like just before lunch time. Texting = immediate response. [ Tweet This ]
7. Need to identify store(s)? Use a number after the keyword so you know where the consumer is located. [ Tweet This ]
8. Don’t ever send a second text. If your message is long, use an embedded link to give more info. [ Tweet This ]
9. Don’t make every text message a mobile coupon. If you do, customers may wait for them. [ Tweet This ]
10. Identify your company. How many times have you received a text and didn’t know who sent it? [ Tweet This ]
11. Make customers feel special. Call your text list the “VIP Club” or something similar. [ Tweet This ]
12. Make sure every text message carries something of value. The last thing you want is an opt-out. [ Tweet This ]
13. You need to let consumers know about the opt-out STOP message, but don’t over-use mentioning the STOP message. [ Tweet This ]
14. Only use abbreviations when you absolutely must to stay within the required characters. [ Tweet This ]
15. Remind whoever does your creative to make sure they count the spaces in the 160 characters permitted in the USA and 139 in Canada! [ Tweet This ]
16. Sweepstakes are the most effective ways to increase your database of opt-ins. [ Tweet This ]
17. Don’t use two word keywords. [ Tweet This ]
18. Allow your customers to enter your sweepstakes a second time by Liking your Facebook page or mentioning you on Twitter.
[ Tweet This ]
19. Experiment with different times to maximize results. [ Tweet This ]
20. Track your results. Keep stats on every broadcast text you do. [ Tweet This ]
21. Divide your lists. Do A-B tests with different creative, different offers, different days of the week, and different times of day. [ Tweet This ]
22. Send texts when the game ends and fans are walking to their cars. [ Tweet This ]
23. Always put an end date on mobile offers. [ Tweet This ]
24. Never, ever buy a list of “opt-ins.” There’s no such thing. Nobody has signed up to receive unlimited spam texts. [ Tweet This ]
25. Add your personal keyword to your business cards and article ID’s. Text BOB to 84444 (that’s mine).[ Tweet This ]
26. Offer a discount for an opt-in right at the cash register. Sure, it will cost you in the short term, but in the long term, you’ll make so much more by having that consumer in your database. [ Tweet This ]
27. No repeat offers unless there’s a really good reason for doing so.[ Tweet This ]
28. Don’t try to have two offers in the same text message; there’s simply not enough room. [ Tweet This ]
29. Share knowledge nuggets that show you are an expert in the field. [ Tweet This ]
30. If you’re doing radio advertising, repeat the keyword and short code at least once. [ Tweet This ]
31. Don’t send broadcast texts during traditional drive times. [ Tweet This ]
32. Give a great reward to new opt-ins. These are the hardest to get. [ Tweet This ]
33. Let the consumer know how often you’ll be texting them. It’s not only a rule, its common courtesy. [ Tweet This ]
34. If you also do business in Canada, it’s best to use the same short code in both countries so you don’t have confusion, take up more space in your ads, or need to change creative. [ Tweet This ]
35. Use texting on the fly to bring in customers during slow times. [ Tweet This ]
36. Celebrity in the house? Let your opt-in list know about it. [ Tweet This ]
37. If using an embedded link, be sure to lead the consumers to a mobile-optimized website. [ Tweet This ]
38. Keep multiple lists and target your offers based on the origin of those lists. [ Tweet This ]
39. Your first words need to grab their attention. Use action words at the top of the message to get the recipient to read the entire message.
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40. With sweepstakes, offer both a grand prize and some consolation prizes to maximize participation. [ Tweet This ]
41. When it comes to keywords, the shorter the better. [ Tweet This ]
42. If Hispanics are your target, also get the Spanish equivalent for your keyword. [ Tweet This ]
43. Send a text message that is nothing but a tease for the next big announcement coming via text. [ Tweet This ]
44. Nothing offers better immediacy than text messaging. Create an amazing offer that is only good for the next hour. [ Tweet This ]
45. Make your text offers exclusive to the texting club. They should not always be found in your emails, social media, or traditional advertising. [ Tweet This ]
46. Except in rare instances, don’t send broadcast text messages after 10 pm. [ Tweet This ]
47. Consider enhancing your text message marketing by adding geo-location strategies to it. [ Tweet This ]
48. Monitor opt-outs after every broadcast message to make sure you aren’t pushing the wrong consumer buttons. [ Tweet This ]
49. Vanity short codes allow for easier recall and will help encourage the viral aspect of texting. [ Tweet This ]
50. Encourage the viral aspect of text message marketing. Ask your opt-ins to “forward to a friend.” [ Tweet This ]
51. Always discourage texting while driving. [ Tweet This ]
52. Use words that require immediate action like “limited quantity” and “the first 10 texters.” [ Tweet This ]
53. Always limit the time for redemption. [ Tweet This ]
54. Offer exclusive information on your broadcast texts. [ Tweet This ]
55. Beat the competition to hot news. Text the news and a link to your website for complete details. [ Tweet This ]
56. Ask the recipients what they’d like to see in the texts. You’ll be surprised at how many great ideas you’ll receive. [ Tweet This ]
57. Send thank you messages to your customers on your opt-in list. [ Tweet This ]
58. Build you social media presence by linking to your Facebook and Twitter sites. [ Tweet This ]
59. Doing texts for B to B? Send messages just 3 minutes before the top of the hour when businesspersons are waiting for meetings to start. [ Tweet This ]