Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

In today’s technology-driven society, print ads and coupons have become a thing of the past. Moreover, they are also extremely expensive to pay for. They often become a sunk cost when consumers lose, rip, or forget to use them. Instead of paying for a marketing technique with a low redemption rate, use text message marketing to ensure your consumers always have their coupon in their pockets (or purses).

Mobile couponing is an extremely affordable and effective marketing medium starting at just pennies per text. With text message marketing for retail stores, customers no longer have to worry about clipping coupons. Save your customers time and money with mobile coupons!

This efficient marketing program only sends your promotions to those who want it. Consumers must choose to opt-in to your database to sign up to receive your mobile offers. If they do this, they are obviously loyal customers who will gladly return upon hearing about your mobile promotions.

In retail marketing, you may find it beneficial to send out promotional e-mails. But, the average person replies to an e-mail in 90 minutes, whereas it only takes 90 seconds to respond to a text message. The urgency and immediateness in your marketing program in today’s fast-paced society is what is going to make your retail store stand out from your competitors. Add our text message marketing for retail stores plan today, and start earning more dough!

Imagine a slow Wednesday night at your local sporting goods shop during the spring. It’s about 6:00 pm and most families in your town are at home eating dinner. You send out a broadcast text message coupon to your opt-in list offering 30% off all baseball and softball sporting equipment. Baseball/softball, being a spring sport, is what most of your customers are going to be shopping for this season. After receiving this message, most families will gather their kids and bring them to your store in order to get new gear for the upcoming season.

With our text message marketing for retail stores, you can give your loyal consumers what they want the way they want it – mobile coupons delivered fast and easy.

Advanced Telecom Services is a Philadelphia-based mobile marketing company offering text messaging services for business, and more. Our teams of experienced and creative mobile experts are here to help you out with any mobile marketing needs you may have. Whether you want to transfer your website to mobile or create a fun custom QR code for consumers to scan to learn more about your company, we’re here to help. Contact a sales representative at ATS or get started with your own text message marketing campaign today.

By providing text message marketing for retail stores we guarantee more traffic to your business all by sending just one mass text!

Utilize our SMS marketing platform when it comes time for you to implement text message marketing for your small business.

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