Text Message Voting

No More Waiting – Receive Results Right Away With Text Message Voting

Receive immediate results with text message voting. With our do-it-yourself text message voting service, you can easily send out a question to your opt-in list asking them to respond with one of four choices as the answer. Have more than four options as your answer? No problem. We can create a system tailored to whatever needs you may have.

Text Message Voting

Text message voting is a modern and entertaining way to get immediate feedback. You can use text message voting at an intermission to a concert, time out at a game, or in a line waiting for an attraction to keep guests occupied.

After conducting these polls, you have created a free opt-in list to market to in the future. Whether you want to send consumers a mobile coupon, text message sweepstakes, or inform them about an upcoming promotion, text message marketing is the perfect way to market your product or service.

Text message voting is the easiest way to know people’s responses about your business. You can allow voters to win contests and sweepstakes via text message! It’s a popular method to build your brand over the globe as well as an inexpensive way to connect with your audience! Start your voting campaign today and get others involved!

It’s time to get started with a text message voting plan today or check out our other mobile services. Our expertise ranges from text message marketing to mobile website creation. Our team of experienced mobile experts at ATS Mobile can help you out with any mobile needs you may have. We can set you up with a responsive design website, a mobile app, or a custom QR code.

Contact one of our mobile reps today to learn more about text message voting!



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