We pride ourselves on our excellent product and services and our customers’ reactions show it! Read what people have to say about 84444.com and 84444.ca:

“Have used this company for many years.  Very reliable.” – Daniel Weatherman from Medic Alert


“Your service has been invaluable to us in several emergency situations.  It allows us to quickly communicate critical information to our parents.” – Loyal Hanrahan from Seattle Academy


“Thank you so much for all your help this weekend to help set up our text to vote system.  Everything ran smoothly and we got the results that we needed.” – Jennifer Bermudez from Kent State University

“We get a 10-15% return rate on our text messaging.  I’m a believer.” – James Croft from Toppins


“The service has worked wonderfully so far. We look forward to continuing.” – Alfred Mcalister from University of Texas


“I have shared your company’s information with our national VP as a best practice for communicating with associates in a time of need.  Your company has been fantastic to work with.” – Melissa Jacobs from Republic National Distributing

“The texting worked great for our conference and I would recommend 84444 to my business associates.” – Alicia Galyon, Communications Dept. from Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church

“Thanks so much for the help in training me how to upload such a large database to my account.  This saved me a lot of data entry time.  The service is working great!  Keep up the good work.” – Deron Luzar from Kid to Kid of Peoria

“Here at TFL we really enjoy 84444.  We use our keyword “TFLenterprises” to broadcast all our company updates, and keep customers informed of the latest products and services.  The customer service is great and you know that when you sign up 84444.com will do everything in their power to keep providing YOU nothing but top notch ways to market your business.  Text tflenterprises to 84444 to see how the system works!  Sign up today!” – Flen Purvis, Sales Director from TFL Enterprises


“I’ve been using 84444 since December of 2011.  As we are a clinical research company, dealing with sensitive medical matters, we like to have an extra level of contact with the people we recruit.  The ability to send a text message back after a radio or TV commercial, assuring the person that someone from our company would be back in touch in a timely manner, helps us keep a potential study participant interested until our team can reach them by phone.  84444’s help desk was very prompt in helping me set up my account and familiarize myself with their system.” – Cameron Knowles, Advertising/Marketing from Wake Research Associates

“Connecting with our listeners.  It’s not just what we need to achieve, it’s what our clients demand.  84444.com and our radio station are a great match.  It puts us ahead of our competition and gives us an edge with mobile marketing.  The 84444.com team has been excellent in coming up with ideas on how to build our databases for each of our 6 radio stations.  When it comes to giving away the big prizes, our listeners and clients know our radio stations deliver and it’s all just a text away.” – Allison Bostow from
Clear Channel Radio/iHeart Media

“The event went great.  We had more than 4,600 texts, which was a great success.  I will definitely be using text voting every year going forward!” – David Bobnar, Marketing Manager from Auto Workers Community Credit Union

“We have had the system for almost a year, but just started using it about a month ago. We were in the process of building the contact lists and such. The few times we have used seems like we have had pretty good success and response. When we noticed a glitch, we called tech support and they were fixed immediately. We hope this success continues. We certainly are excited to use it every time.” – Rebeca N. Kempff, Art Director from EME Creative

“We use 84444.com for listener voting on our fantasy sports radio broadcasts that can be heard on ESPN Radio.  The system gives us real time results and feedback, but best of all, it makes our radio program immediate and interactive.” – Jonathan Kenneth from Fantasy Baseball Dugout

“We are a wholesale auto auction in California and we have had great success using 84444.com. It has allowed us to reach 5000 of our dealers on a monthly basis with just a simple click of the keyboard. It has made our communication quick and easy. Thank you 84444.com” – Kara Adams, Marketing Manager from Manheim Southern California

“My office established a county-wide emergency text alert system using Advanced Telecom.  Since its launch we have used it to make citizens aware of an escape from our county jail, a lost dementia patient and several “suspect vehicles” involved in crimes ranging from robbery to environmental pollution.  Within moments we are able to multiply the eyes and ears of law enforcement throughout our county.  We also have the capabilities to alert residents of emergencies or unsafe conditions.  I was out of the office when we issued our last alert.  I was still able to issue an alert to nearly 600 subscribers from my cell phone.  It went out in moments and without problem.” – Michael Lehutsky ESQ., District Attorney from Wayne County Court House 

“We’ve just gotten our feet wet using 84444.com, and are amazed at the response from the list members of our database.  We are re-structuring our game plan to better utilize 84444.com – we want to stay more in touch and share more with our consumers.  This service is great!” – Tanya Ward from E. Morris Communications

“The use of 84444.com has been an incredible tool for our financial institution.  We have been able to use direct marketing to our customers for promotions, events, and fundraiser opportunities to give back to our community.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone that is looking for an upper hand on their competition.” – Casey Fosher, Loan Officer from First National Bank

“The service works pretty well. The best part is being able to manage the service and lookup database counts all on your own. There were a few glitches before the website got re-done, such as messages that were set for a specific time, and got broadcast at a different time entirely. Overall we get a lot of value out of 84444.com.” – Phil Toms, Manager from DW Pizza Management

“We were very pleased to use 84444.com text to vote feature for our annual event. As usual, it was easy to use and worked out great for us. Our event is called Elevate and this year 1,200 youth attended our event in San Diego.” – Rev. Gordon Wong from Elevate Church